DelGrosso’s Amusement Park – Tipton, PA

Wanting to redeem the day for Joel, Vivian stayed behind at the Altoona Hampton Inn while I drove Joel to Tipton, Pennsylvania (about 20 minutes away) to our third park of the day: DelGrosso’s Amusement Park.  The DelGrosso family, purveyors of spaghetti sauce and other Italian food items, have owned the park since 1946.  It’s a small park where you can pay by the ride or for the day, and has about 25 rides, mostly for young kids.  Across the road (connected by a bridge), they also have a small water park, a lush miniature golf course, and go-carts.  We rode the Wacky Worm and Crazy Mouse coasters, the Pharoah’s Fury (swinging pirate-ship type ride), and the carousel.

DelGrosso’s is famous for Mafalda “Murf” DelGrosso’s potato salad, an item so popular that it often sells out during the day.  We bought a quart (I brought half back for Vivian), and it was certainly one of the best things we ate on the trip.  It was at this point that we figured that every theme park is required by law to be famous for some potato-based product.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, in need of their hot tub. The manager apologized, informing me that it was not working this week.  I told her about my day and all the rides that were out of service.  She said, “Well, we have one suite that has a Jacuzzi in it – it sounds like you could use a break, so I’ll upgrade your room.”  It was very classy of her (and appreciated by us) – and is yet another example of why I love Hampton Inns.  The room was beautiful and the Jacuzzi was enormous. We got in and watched the Tony Awards from the tub.  It was the perfect end to a crazy day.

DelGrosso’s Roller Coasters ridden: 2
Total for the tour after five parks: 26


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