Six Flags Great Adventure Roller Coasters

We had waited for years to ride some of the coasters at Great Adventure.  They delivered.

El Toro – Spectacular wooden coaster (ranked #1 in the world).  It’s a smooth coaster, but it does feel like you’re riding a wild bull.  We loved it.

Kingda Ka – The tallest coaster in the world (456 feet) and second fastest (128 mph).  A thrill, to be sure, but very similar to Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.  As we exited, Joel coolly said, “I’m unfazed,” although he later referred to it as “legendary”.

Bizarro –  Joel and I declared this to be “awesome” – it has fire, steam, inversions, and Superman’s nemesis.  What more could you ask for?

Nitro – A steel coaster with impressive specs: 4.3 Gs, 80mph, over 200 ft high.  It’s rather intense – probably too much so for many people, even though it has no inversions.  Every year from 2007-2012, Nitro has ranked as the #3 steel coaster in the world in the Golden Ticket Awards.  We didn’t love it quite that much, but overall, it’s a great ride – somewhat similar in size and scope to Phantom’s Revenge and Steel Force.

Superman – A fun “flying coaster” (where you are tilted so you’re in the Superman flying position on your stomach).  There are only 10 flying coasters in the U.S., and three of them are this coaster replicated in different locations.  Not as good as Manta in Orlando or Tatsu at Magic Mountain (two of my all-time favorites), but certainly worth riding.

Batman: The Ride – Nearly identical versions of this inverted coaster appear at various Six Flags parks (including Magic Mountain in Southern California).  It’s a good ride with multiple inversions.

Great Mine Train – A typical mine train coaster, similar to Gold Rusher at Magic Mountain or Mine Train at Cedar Point.  A great coaster for those starting out on a coaster obsession.

Skull Mountain – We were warned about this indoor dark coaster, but we tried it anyway, and we liked it.  It doesn’t provide the theming of a Space Mountain or Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but it was a good ride.

Rolling Thunder – A racing coaster on parallel tracks.  Our car didn’t start at the same time as the other one, so the racing effect was tainted.  Not a bad ride, but it doesn’t deliver the thrill of Racer at Kennywood or Lightning Racer at HersheyPark.

Blackbeard & Road Runner Express – As we have generally found junior coasters like these two to be both boring and rough, we don’t do these anymore.  Skipped.

Dark Knight – SPOILER ALERT – There’s a pre-ride video with Aaron Eckhart (from the Batman films) at the beginning that is then interrupted with sounds of gunshots (that made everyone jump) followed by scary images.  The coaster is a mediocre indoor wild mouse with some frightening imagery, making it our second least favorite coaster at the park.

Green Lantern – We hated this stand up coaster almost as much as we hated Mantis at Cedar Point (similar ride by the same manufacturer).  Those two were the only rides on our entire trip that made me feel ill (headache and motion sickness).  When we got off, Joel said “That was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!”  He was upset, and I wish in retrospect that we had skipped it.

Great Adventure Roller Coasters ridden: 11
Total for the tour after nine parks: 58


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