Cedar Point Roller Coasters

We rode all 15 roller coasters – the park boasts that they have 16, but one is a kiddie coaster that can only be ridden if you have a small child in tow. I almost borrowed a six-year-old, but thought better of it.

I consulted with my ten-year-old son, and we mutually agreed on the rankings below for the coasters in the park, from best to worst.

1. Millennium Force – a dramatic name for an amazing coaster. This was one of the most thrilling rides we have ever experienced. It’s one of the tallest, fastest, longest roller coasters in the world – it rises over 300 feet and flies at up to 93 mph. It’s like being on a rocket, but had an incredibly smooth ride. It is a must for anyone who loves roller coasters. Amusement Today magazine rates it as the best steel coaster in the world, and from what I have experienced so far, I have to agree.

2. Top Thrill Dragster – TTD briefly held the record as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. This launched coaster goes from 0 to 120mph in 4 seconds, shooting you 420 feet high. The entire ride lasts for about 17 seconds (you are in the car for a few minutes pre- and post-ride). Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm is similar, but half the height and 2/3 the speed. TTD is an experience you can’t forget.

3. Maverick – Incredible speed, a 95 degree drop (it turns inward), and a tightly-designed track make this one of the best coasters in the park.

4. Raptor – A great inverted coaster. With various inversions and turns, it’s a wild ride, but a smooth one. The same company built Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm, but we liked Raptor more.

5. Gatekeeper – This winged coaster with the tallest inversion in the world opened in May 2013, making it the hottest attraction in the park. It certainly takes you on a long, fun ride with some unusual elements (like flying you sideways through two towers near the park’s entrance), but didn’t find it to be as revolutionary as others have.

6. Wicked Twister – a launched shuttle coaster, which sends you rising and twisting up and down two columns, forward and backward, at up to 70 mph. Almost identical to V2: Vertical Velocity, which we enjoyed riding at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Northern California.

7. Cedar Creek Mine Ride – Based on the name and the wood supports, I expected this to be a bumpy ride. Quite the contrary – with the steel track, the Mine Train is lot of fun and quite smooth.

8. Iron Dragon – A suspended coaster similar to Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain, we started our day at Cedar Point swinging our way through the trees on this mild but enjoyable coaster.

9. Gemini – Our first racing coaster, where two cars start simultaneously on separate tracks and race each other (Radiator Springs Racers at DCA borrowed this concept). We loved the idea of the race, but thought the coaster itself was just okay. It gets extra points because we won our race.

10. Magnum XL-200 – This was one of my few disappointments at Cedar Point. Magnum is historic – the first coaster in the world built over 200 feet high, and Joel was thrilled to see the “scream guards” akin to those on California Screamin’ at Disney California Adventure. I know it’s very popular and highly regarded, but we just didn’t love it. I found it bumpy and I didn’t care for the track layout. A letdown.

11. Woodstock Express – a family coaster similar in size and scope to Gadget Go-Coaster at Disneyland or Coastersaurus at Legoland. A great coaster for young kids. Has a cute Snoopy/Woodstock themed train, but the overall theming is sparse.

12. Corkscrew – With its three inversions and its beautiful blue track running through the center of the park, I was excited to ride Corkscrew. It’s unfortunately showing its age (built in 1976) and was a rough ride. Bummer.

13. Blue Streak – The oldest existing coaster in the park, it’s much smaller than its big brother Mean Streak, but unfortunately gives a rough ride without the fun that good wooden roller coasters have. We closed our day with those coaster and vowed to sit in front or second row of all subsequent wooden coasters, where the ride should be smoother.

14. Mean Streak – This enormous wooden monster reminded me of Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm – until I rode it. Mean Streak is indeed mean – incredibly rough for a modern coaster, and I couldn’t wait to get off.

15. Mantis – This stand-up coaster was so terrible that it risked ruining the day for us. This ride shook our heads back and forth so much that my ears hurt after the ride and Joel had a headache. I found that pressing my head against one of the headrests helped, but I regret not doing my research and seeing how many other people hate this ride. It’s an embarrassment at a park that has so many great attractions.

Cedar Point Roller Coasters ridden: 15
Total for the tour after one park: 15


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